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Pros & cons of A Standard tenant vs HUD participant

HUD Participant

 -  Typical lease 2-4yrs

 -  0-60% rental deposit liability from tenant* subject to HUD determination

 -  Must give 30 day notice to vacate and must be signed off on by property

    management to vacate

 -  Can submit rental increase annually

 -  Low volume maintenance calls

-   If tenant loses income city can reevaluate tenants rental portion 

 -  No credit check

 -  Criminal background check / felonies /eviction & sexual crime

 -  City inspection

Standard TenANt

 -  Typical lease 1yr

 -  100% rental deposit liability from tenant

 -   Short or no notice to vacate and skips exiting month 

 -  Higher volume maintenance calls

 -  If tenant loses income possibility of non-payment

 -  Credit check

 -  Criminal background check / felonies/eviction &

    sexual crimes

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